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The River Oyster

The mural project in Berwick that celebrates the Susquehanna River. Artists Maria Roman (Berlin) and Courtney McCabe (Virginia Beach) wanted to support and shape Berwick's river-town identity through art. Fourteen volunteers helped them complete the mural in 14 days, making 2023 the summer to celebrate life under water. 

Travelers and visto
rs can view the River Oyster Mural on Route 93, North bound. As they cross the bridge into Berwick, they are greeted by an artwork that pays homage to the migratory fish of the Susquehanna River.

River Oyster Mural Location


The location is between St. Charles Park and the Market Street Bridge, symbolizing where the Susquehanna River and community meet. 

Paint By Day

14 volunteers with local ties and a lot of creative passion joined the artists to show support for a sustainable river-life.

Paint By Night

Draw, paint, repeat.

Those August nights, painters and artists lit up Market Street and Front Street Berwick with the river art.